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Customer Reviews for German Auto Specialists

Here’s what some of our Saugus, CA customers are saying about us:

Best place around for all BMW repairs!

German Auto Specialists Customer Review - Dave S.

Great mechanics, honest, knowledgeable, reliable. They will fix your car and take care of your problems. They make money on providing honest service, not by creating more problems in hopes you will be back for more. I have been their customer since 2011 and I am not switching!

Yelp Review - Ina D.

I've taken my Mercedes here a couple of times, with good results. They do quality work, diagnose problems correctly, and they don't overcharge for the parts or labor. This is an excellent and cost saving alternative to the dealership. Honest repair shops like this are hidden gems and you'll feel fortunate to have found this one.

Yelp Review - Drew R.

Great price, great service, friendly and honest. I will be taking both my BMWs here from now on. I like the fact that they've been in business for years, too. Forget Tom fahrenholz, he's more expensive and no better. Manfred at German Auto Specialist is excellent, friendly, and seems completely honest. He delivered as he quoted and on time, and my car was spotless when he was through.

Google Review - A Google User

We just had our Jettas air conditioner serviced. They were able to fix the problem at a fair rate and tell us some issues that may arise in future. They did it on short notice, and quickly, too! I have repeatedly encountered other shops inability to understand my cars systems. I always ended up having to take it to the dealer, which we all know costs an arm and a leg. Not here. Tom demonstrated a great understanding and ability to fix the problem. I will definitely be going back for all my Jettas needs.

Google Review - A Google User

I haven't taken my car there yet so I can' give it the full stars but......I had a problem with my MIL on my jetta. another mechanic on creekside told me he needed to change O2 sensor and the catalytic converter and yada yada gonna cost me $1300! I called German Auto Specialist and the owner told me that it was unlikely I would have to replace them. He told me the jettas have this problem and it could be related to the gas cap. He was very knowledgeable and talked me ear off about Jettas =) which made me trust that he knew what he was talking about..... The next time I filled up my gas tank the MIL light went off!!! imagine that, $1300 vs FREE. I will take my car there soon because I am having alternator problems, i will update the review then.

Google Review - A Google User

I would not hesitate to leave my Mercedes in the hands of Manfred. He and his team are experts. I had a problem with my A/C, brought it to my usual Mercedes specialist in Santa Monica, as well as a more corporate place that came recommended to me in Culver City. Both guys game me a "ballpark" quote in the huge "neighborhood" of $500-1200 and told me that I wouldn't actually know the final cost until the work was done or at least they had started the work (and thus required charge for labor whether or not I went ahead with the repair). This of course made me uneasy. I was driving through Valencia to visit my parents when my Benz lost power and I had my car towed to German Auto Specialists. Since I was there anyways for my starter problem, I asked Manfred to take a look the dreaded A/C issue, and, just by listening to the A/C, he narrowed the problem down to specifically one of two parts that needed replacing in the A/C vacuum system, and a quote of $400-$500 total for the parts and labor. I came back for the repair, and he stuck by his word and quote. I will be bringing my car here for all my major and scheduled service from now on.

Yelp Review - Jennifer L.

I live in San Francisco but over the holidays was in Valencia visiting my brother for a few weeks. While there my car, a 2000 Mercedes CLK, started having this issue where when I stopped the car, whether at a stop light, to park, etc., it would suddenly shut off. One time it wouldn't start back up. I took it to a nearby auto shop where they inspected the car, checked the computer for any error messages and couldn't figure out the issue. Everything looked normal. I took my car back and the shut-offs started happening more often. Once it stopped in a drive-thru and wouldn't start back up until it cooled down. I took it to German Auto Specialists, where I met Manfred. He talked to me about the issue and using his experience and based on the symptoms came up a theory that the issue was with a sensor. He replaced it and my car has driven great ever since. He provided very friendly, helpful service and I would definitely return if I needed work done on my car.

Yelp Review - Hector O.

I was on the Grapevine (I-5 southbound) headed into southern California on the Friday before Labor Day when I experience a problem with the power steering in my bmw. While at a rest stop I did a search for bmw repair facilities and German Auto Specialists in Saugus/Santa Clarita was the closest non-dealer shop to my location and had the best reviews of other facilities in the area. I called them at about 11am and talked to Charlie. He said it would not be a problem to stop by immediately and he would have a look at the steering problem. When I arrived at G.A.S. about 11:40 Charlie was able to get my car on a lift within an hour and diagnosed the problem as a bad power steering fluid pump. He advised me of the cost of a new pump and gave me a quote for the total for parts and labor. I approved the service and Charlie ordered a new pump, saying it would be there at 4pm that afternoon. He then invited me to use the shop phone to set up a rental car as I was over 300 miles from home. At 11:30am the next day, Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, I received a call saying my car had been repaired and was ready for pick-up. While I was waiting on the initial diagnostic for my car I was able to observe several other customers bringing in their cars as well. Every time, the interaction between this shop and it's customers (including a 20-something woman who came in by herself, had been there at least once before and seemed quite at ease talking with these guys) was friendly, courteous and professional. German Auto Specialists got my car turned around in 24 hours at the start of Labor Day Weekend and I was able to proceed with my vacation plans uninterrupted. They were polite, fair, accurate with their diagnosis and my car is running perfectly thanks to them. If you are in need of an honest, reliable and friendly automotive facility, German Auto Specialists is highly recommended.

Yelp Review - Quinn H.

Above and beyond. My parents were visiting for the weekend from out of town. During their visit, the temp gauge on the car redlined and the engine started to smoke. Of course I was driving and felt bad. They're stressing about getting home as it was the last day of their trip. Debating flights and how to get the car the 300 miles home if it's something major. Found this place on Yelp. Towed the car there. Left my dad to found out the car's fate. 50 dollar part was it. It was Sunday and they couldn't get the part delivered so they drove and got it for them. Had 2 guys working on it so they could get on the road. Service and then some.

Yelp Review - Joe E.

Charlie is very professional and trustworthy. Diagnoses the problem and completes the work in a timely manner. Highly recommend.

Yelp Review - Mark B.

Manfred at German Auto Specialist fixed my car after no one could do so for over a year. He is extremely thorough, patient and he understands german vehicles. He will get the job done for you no matter what it takes! I am very pleased with the quality of work on my car and will be returning to him from now on. He has a new customer for life.

YellowPages Review - StephanieO

highly recommended car services very fast and efficient.fair prices

YellowPages Review - pedro perez

I got myself a 1999 BMW in great condition and in a reasonable price.So I got a good deal.They are also experts at all things so whenever I need a tutorial, they are glady to help me out.

YellowPages Review - ba mamadrama

Excellent repair shop with affordable prices. The manager Manfred is very friendly and a pleasure to do business with. He knew exactly what was wrong with my 1996 E320 and had it up and running quickly. I will be bringing my Mercedes Benz here for now on.

YellowPages Review - sil3nt44

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